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Our Commitment

“We are extremely excited to release our Suburban Stone range made up of premium-quality packed decorative aggregates, including: gravels, slates, cobbles and rockery. We have an extensive delivery network and assortment of distribution hubs; therefore, we are committed to offer nationwide delivery within 24 hours. We will provide products of the uppermost quality alongside excellent customer service.” – Sam Robinson, Managing Director


Point of Sale

Our new and improved POS is designed to ensure that our customers can view our products in the simplest and most efficient way. The height of the POS boards has increased for greater visibility. In addition, our POS boards are colour coordinated to provide a distinguished layout. We also have multiple POS configurations, each supplied double-sided to maximise space, ensuring that customers are satisfied with the product that they are choosing.

Choosing the perfect product includes making difficult decisions in regards to colour, shape, size and quantity. At Vital Earth, we aim to provide excellent customer satisfaction which is why we have introduced an easy-access touch and feel product tray. If you are undecided between the contemporary creams and golden browns in Golden Gravel compared to the darker grey and browns in Moonstone, this is the perfect opportunity for you get a reel feel for the product to encourage your decision.

Touch & Feel Tray:

  • Easy access from all sides. No need to lean over any pallets!
  • Feel the texture
  • See the product size
  • Choose your favourite colour

Choose the product which best suits you!





Posted: 05 September 2018